What Are The Top 7 Pregnancy Superstitions?

Pregnancy Superstitions

There are so many pregnancy superstitions that it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t. This article breaks down the top 7 pregnancy superstitions and explains whether or not they’re actually true! We hope this helps clear up some confusion for expecting mothers everywhere!

1. A Boy Gives You The Pregnancy Glow, A Girl Takes Away Your Beauty

Some women have reported that they discovered their hair was falling out shortly after they became pregnant. They also noticed that their skin started to lose some of its tone and elasticity as well. This has led many people to believe that there is truth behind the statement, “a boy gives you the pregnancy glow while a girl takes away your beauty.” This has actually been proven to be false. A woman’s hair and skin is more likely to change due to changes in hormone levels, which usually happens during pregnancy anyway.

Many consider this superstition to be true. Some others think that if the woman does not have the “pregnancy glow” then it means a miscarriage is soon to follow, while others believe this means she will give birth to a child with special abilities like psychic abilities or even magical powers! Again, there is no evidence.

2. Wearing Your Wedding Ring May Bring Pregnant Women Bad Luck and Their Child May be Stillborn

Wearing your wedding ring while pregnant may incur the risk of you having a stillborn child. You’ll have to take it off if you get pregnant during your marriage and want to keep it that way. There is no real proof behind this, although some women have reported that taking it off made their pregnancies more comfortable. This may be due to the fact that rings can become too tight or get stuck during the growing process of your baby bump. Some might feel more comfortable without any jewelry on while pregnant,

3. Never Touch Your Bump

Many of the old wives’ tales seem to revolve around touching certain body parts during pregnancy or when trying to conceive, including the stomach. They say if you touch the bump, you are spoiling the baby. The baby will end up being very demanding. This of course has no evidence to back it.

4. Don’t Sit On The Corner Of A Table

This superstition states that sitting on the corner of a table while pregnant will cause a lot of pain during labor and delivery. This is one of those old wives’ tales that doesn’t have any truth in it. There is no evidence to suggest that your unborn baby’s health or your health be affected by sitting on the corner of a table.

5. A Lot Of Heart Burn During Pregnancy Means A Lot Of Hair On A Newborn

A large number of women do report that they have more severe acid reflux and heartburn during their pregnancies. It is said that the more hair your baby has, the stronger the acid reflux and heartburn is. There is also no scientific evidence to back this up.

6. If You Have A Lot Of Morning Sickness While Pregnant It Means It’s A Girl

If you’re throwing up throughout your entire pregnancy, it means that your unborn baby is a girl, but if you only feel sick during the first three months of your pregnancy then it’s a boy. There are no scientific studies to support these claims, so don’t plan on using this superstition to predict the sex of your baby.

7. Cutting Your Hair While Pregnant Will Lead Your Baby to Have Vision Probelms

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this superstition. You can cut your hair as often or as little as you like and not worry that it will cause any problems for your unborn baby.

In The End…

The most important thing to remember if you’re pregnant is not to believe in every pregnancy superstition. The majority of the superstitions that are commonly believed don’t have any truth behind them, but it’s always good for new parents-to-be to be aware of these myths and dispel some of their fears with facts about pregnancy.

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