HelloLove Baby Lounger

  • Perfect Size:This lounger is a Deluxe Perfect size. The Mattress and Bumpers are big, plump and firm to support your baby, yet surprisingly soft and comfy. Contoured Velvet Cotton Comforts like the womb and is Hypoallergenic, Breathable, and 100% Organic cotton. The cotton does not stain and is wrapped in beautiful contoured silky smooth velvet that your baby will cherish! Purchase Includes FREE Mattress Pad and entry to our VIP List in which qualifies you for exclusive amazon coupons!
  • Co Sleeping: This is the best lounger on amazon for co sleeping! The cozy velvet contoured cotton envelopes your baby and provides ultimate security so they sleep all night so you can too! The premium mattress and extra Mattress Pad is firm yet so soft, when combined with the nest shape, it mimcs the womb. The organic padded bumpers are just right to sleep all night! Don’t hesitate to buy now, The Zipper is sturdy and will never break making this the best co sleeping nest for your baby!
  • A Dream Come True: Premium Plush and Bright Velvet contoured cotton surrounds your baby as their cozy haven provides them a sense of security. The Strong Zipper does not get stuck or break on this lounger. The mattress and Padded bumpers are soft yet plump and firm and able to support your baby developing motor skills. While your baby is lounging safely, your hands are free to snap photos of of your future rock star, graduate or CEO! 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic, and a Dream Come True!
  • Machine Washable: This lounger breaks down so machine washable and cleaning is easy! Simply unzip and remove the bumpers and mattress, and its ready for wash on delicate cycle! This nest not only works for your baby, it also works for you and frees up more time for your busy day. This nest also has convenient carry handles on top, bottom, and sides for convenient carrying and ties in the front for quick and easy care!

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