How To Time Block Effectively

If you’re a mom that is always busy and looking for ways to be more efficient in your life, then this blog post is for you! This week’s blog post will focus on how to time block effectively so that we, as mothers, can take back our lives.

What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is the practice of carefully planning out your days to take advantage of every minute. It is a really effective tool that can help you make sure you spend your time on what’s important, while still having fun and taking care of yourself along the way! If you know that you’re most creative in the morning and want to use that time for writing or designing something, you can time block your morning so that you get it done!

5 Steps to Time Blocking Effectively

1. Start by planning out your week:

Time block at least a day or two in advance, depending on what you need to accomplish. If it’s a less pressing deadline, not as urgent as a test you need to study for or a presentation, start with at least a day in advance. If it’s an urgent deadline, like needing to go grocery shopping before the stores close, time block that ASAP!

2. Time block your time:

Make sure you’re specific about what you want to accomplish during each block. Time block your time in half-hour increments, or even 15 minutes if you need to. Keep track of what you did during each activity, and make sure everything is productive! Also, leave a block for changing activities if you need to be. Be realistic with your times.

3. Time block distractions:

Time block out your snack breaks, social media check-ins (there are apps for that), YouTube sessions (again, there are apps for that), and anything else you need to avoid. Make sure those distractions stay time blocked, or else your day will be a chaotic mess!

4. Time block out your meals:

Time blocking isn’t just about working– take a few minutes every day to make sure you eat something, especially if it’s a meal or snack that needs to be time-specific. It will help you stay on track with your diet goals too!

5. Time block breaks:

Time block in one or two short breaks for you to recharge. Take a few minutes of light exercise–two sets of 20 jumping jacks is enough to get your blood pumping and help you feel better! It is also about being specific so you can get the most out of every minute.

Extra Tips

If you erase, you must replace:

If you had something scheduled and you had to change it, make sure you replace it later on in the week. Time blocking isn’t just about what you do with your time, but also when you do it. Time block out something else to replace whatever was originally planned so that everything doesn’t fall through the cracks!

Don’t forget to put a Mommy Self-Care block:

Time blocking isn’t just about using your time effectively, it’s also about taking care of yourself. Block out some time to watch your favorite movie or TV show, read that book you’ve been meaning to start for a while now, get your nails done, or check up on your favorite blogs. Time blocking is all about being productive while still having fun and doing things that are important to you!

In the End

I hope you found this blog post helpful. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and head to the kitchen table with your calendar in hand! You’ll be surprised at how much more productive you can become by blocking out chunks of time for specific tasks on one day or week. Another option is to get your tablet or laptop and use your Google Calendar to Time Block. Personally, that is what I use and I love it! I get notifications and if I have doctor appointments I am able to put the address.

One final note– if it’s easier for you to keep track of what needs to be done when on paper, go ahead and grab some sticky notes too! Happy planning!

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