9 Movies for Female Motivation

Are you feeling like you are in a bad funk and need some womanly motivation? Then you are just like me!  These movies are my top go-to movies when I need some female motivation and I hope that they help you too! I remember watching each of these movies for the first time and saying “Heck yeah! You go girl!” After the movie was over, I was completely inspired.  I wanted to take over the world!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an amazing movie and gives a great amount of motivation to any female. My favorite part is when she is in the trenches of the war. All of the men are telling her, “no:, but she puts on her headband,  climbs up the ladder, and starts running fearlessly to the other side. She is dodging bullets and taking all of the heat so that her side can advance further up to the German side.  To me, she didn’t back down from what she believed in even though everybody was telling her that she couldn’t. At first, everybody thought she was crazy, but in the end, they were right by her side.

The First Wives Club

I love Goldie Hawn movies, and this movie did not let down.  Even though it is an older movie, it is great for all ages. The First Wives Club is about three women who were all screwed over by their husbands, but they decided to do something about it.  They planned their sweet revenge in a way that was methodical, smart, and creative. The struggles they went through are amazing, and I am sure in some way you can relate. Definitely don’t miss this hilarious movie with some of the most classic women on television.


Jennifer Lopez plays a woman named “Slim” who marries a man who turns abusive after she finds out he is cheating on her.  She attempts to flee from him with her young daughter and starts a new life in another city under a different name. Slim ends up training her ass off in self-defense, in hopes of beating him. She did everything possible to keep herself and her daughter safe. Want to know if she beats him or not? Watch the movie and find out!

Hidden Figures

What is there not to love about this movie? This movie takes place in the 1960s. It deals with three women who are incredibly brilliant and work with NASA. This movie shows the racism and the sexism they had to deal with on a daily basis and how they overcame that. It is definitely a movie you need to add to your watchlist for female motivation!

Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses, but even if she wasn’t one of my favorite actresses this would still be a great movie to add to your list. This movie is based on a true story. Erin Brockovich was a single mother of three children, trying to find a way to provide for her children. She ended up working at her lawyer’s office when he lost her case. She was assigned a client and realized that a gas and electric company was paying all of the medical bills for that client. That is when she started her own investigations into the neighbors and the company itself. She was trying to prove that the gas and electric company knew their plant was making the people sick. Want to know if her lawsuit won? Watch the movie and find out!

Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon plays Elle Woods a woman who originally got into Harvard Law to win her ex-boyfriend back. She originally had a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She had to realize that she was stronger than what she thought she was. Elle Woods ended up exceeding all expectations that everybody had of her! Want to know if she decided to stay with her ex-boyfriend or if she goes on to better and bigger things! Watch the movie and find out!

Mona Lisa Smile

Another great Julia Roberts movie where she plays Katherine Watson, a teacher in the 1950’s at an all women’s school. She fights gender inequality, while opening up her students to a whole new world they never dreamed of. Now, while some stayed with the traditions of what they were taught from their families , others were ready to grow outside of what was considered “the norm” in the 1950s. This is a great movie if you are looking for female motivation when you feel like you are an outsider.


I love this movie for two reasons. One is that my son loves this movie, so it’s a great movie to watch for family night. Two is that it is a great female motivation movie. It is not like most Disney movies where she is looking for the happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Instead, she embarks on a quest to save her village from destruction with the help of a Semi-God called Maui. She overcomes so much that she never thought was possible. Does she save her village? Watch the movie and find out!


The old Mulan was great, but this real-life Mulan is equally just as good. Mulan loved her father so much, that she risked her life to save his. She had to pretend to be a man, because if her government found out she was really a woman they would kill her. She pushed herself physically and mentally. Mulan didn’t have to depend on a man to save her, instead she saved her country and protected the Emperor. What more motivation do you need?

Final Thoughts

Please if you enjoyed any of these movies, please leave a comment.  If you can add to the list, that would be amazing! Women helping women is always appreciated! If you would like to learn more about me, Click Here!

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