7 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

You found out you are pregnant and now you want to announce your pregnancy to your family in person. Some people like to tell their family as soon as they find out, others like to wait until they get to 12 or even 20 weeks. Everybody is different and there is no right or wrong time. It is what is best for you and your family.

Here are some ways for you to announce your pregnancy-using your pet, making T-shirts, framing with sonogram pictures, wearing Big Sister/Big Brother shirts, and more!

Use your Pet

There are several ways to use your pet as an announcement.  You can use a bandana or even a board announcing they are getting a baby brother or sister or there is a new addition to the family.

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Create T-Shirts

You can make T-shirts announcing the pregnancy.  You can get crafty and weave words into a design, or you could get simple and write in block letters or use your favorite font.  Another way to create shirts is by making them out of old clothing that doesn’t fit anymore.

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Frame It With Sonogram Pictures  

If you have not had your baby’s ultrasound you could take a picture of the screen with your pet or make a collage.  You can even draw the outline of the baby and add in balloons to announce the pregnancy!!

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Wear Big Sister/Brother Shirts

If you have other children they should get involved too!  They are most likely going to be even more excited than you are.  If they have a choice of what to wear why not let them announce the pregnancy too!

If there is a family member that might want to share in the excitement with you, why not make it a surprise?! Invite them over for dinner or ask if they will spend the night so when everyone arrives you are already there! Hold a “Carve the Turkey” Party

If you are having a holiday celebration like Thanksgiving have your family and friends over for dinner.  This way you can announce it and everyone will be around to help celebrate!! Ask Mom or Dad to Give You Away   If they are already saying yes then why not let them announce

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If you are into games and puzzles you could have a Scrabble Olympics, make it a family night. You can create a scrabble board with the word “Pregnant” across if from “A” to “Z”.  

You could also buy a digital file and arrange the words how you like!

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Onesie Pregnancy Reveal

If you have friends or family that want to buy the previous mentioned shirts here is another way to tell them!  Get a onesie and hold it up with your belly showing it off under a button down shirt.

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Calendar Announcements  

If you are not much of a crafty person doesn’t mean you can’t announce your pregnancy!  You could take pictures every month with your baby bump and write down how far along you are every month.  This way when someone opens the calendar they will know right away that they should be excited!

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In this article…

We went through the different ways you could announce your pregnancy to family members in person. Whether it was making T-shirts or a scrabble board with “Pregnant” spelled out from A to Z, there are so many fun and creative ways for you and your family to get excited about being pregnant together! The best way is whatever feels right for you and your family.  

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