7 Fun Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

These 7 Fun Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck are perfect for any type of party you’re throwing. Your guests will have so much fun playing them that they won’t even notice how many diapers they’re buying in preparation for their new bundle of joy!

Baby Shower Games

1. Measure the Baby Bump

Take a roll of string or streamer and have each guest guess how big the baby bump is. After everybody has their guess, take the string or streamer and wrap it around her bump. The one closest to the actual size wins!

2. Pacifier Hunt

In this game, you will take several pacifiers and hide them throughout the shower. The person who finds the most wins a prize.

3. Tie Your Shoes

The guests are to put a blown-up balloon in their shirts. While sitting down, they must try to tie their shoes without popping the balloon. Whoever pops their balloon last wins.

Baby Shower Games

4. Don’t Say “Baby”

Purchase baby clothes pins (Boy or Girl Color) and give one to each guest. If someone says baby, the other person takes their pin. At the end of the party, the person with the most pins wins.

5. Nipple Bobbing

Get a small pool or something similar and fill it with water. Place several bottle nipples or pacifiers in the pool and have everybody bob forthem. Itis the same concept as when you bob for apples!

6. Chug Baby Bottle

Get a couple small baby bottles and put beer or juice in them. Whoever chugs the fastest wins!

7. Name the Baby Poop

Melt 7 different kinds of chocolate and put it in a diaper. Hand everybody a Diaper Sheet and have them guess which kind of chocolate it is. Whoever gets the most correct guesses win!

These 7 Fun Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck are perfect for any type of party you’re throwing. Whether you want to play a game that’s competitive or just something silly, these games are sure to be the highlight of your baby shower. If you are in need of a good present for the baby shower, take a look at our blog post “7 Great Gifts for Pregnant Women”.

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