3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Lithia Springs Park

Lithia Springs Park, Lithia, FL

Do you love going to natural springs?  I love being outside in the wonderful Sunshine State!  It was a beautiful Monday I had the day off. We decided to visit Lithia Springs Park for the first time in Lithia, FL.  It is about a 35-40 min drive from Tampa and an hour and a half from Orlando.

Random Information:

I went to Lithia Springs Park on a Monday. There wasn’t a large crowd at the springs, but maybe because IT was a Monday. If you plan on going on the weekend though, make sure to get there early before it reaches capacity.  Another good thing to know is that there was a lifeguard station. There was no lifeguard present when we were there, but maybe because it was a Monday.  Are you interested in knowing about when the lifeguard will be there, or for more information on the park itself please click here for more information.

These are the three main reasons why I enjoyed Lithia Springs Park:

Reason #1: It is Super Cheap!

Lithia Springs is the perfect place to bring the family, and especially if you are on a budget.  It is $2 per vehicle for up to 8 people. Then if you are going swimming you will need a wrist brand that is an extra $2 per person. Make sure to pack a cooler and a blanket to lay on. It is the perfect day for the family.

Reason #2: Scenery is Beautiful!

As you drive up to Lithia Springs, you notice all of the beautiful trees.  As you drive around the park you notice there are some nice trails to walk, a children’s park, a canoe launch, and even a camping area.  When you first notice the springs, it appears as a huge watering hole, but as you get closer you can see the deep area where the spring actually starts.  There is a no trespassing area due to a revegetation project in process. I love that they are trying to bring back what has been damaged by humans!

Reason #3: Water is Crystal Clear!

Are you a non-Floridian who might be scared of the springs due to the alligators? Then you are just like me! Alligators terrify me! I love being able to see what is by my feet and what is swimming up to me. Fun Fact: Alligators do not like the cold water that comes from the natural springs. For alligators to be near a spring is a rare occurrence and normally in those situations the park will shut down for the safety of the public. The water itself was beautifully clear. You could see white fishes swimming and baby fish schooling together. Compared to other springs I have been to, I did not need water shoes. The bottom of the springs was all sand.  The water shoes would have been helpful to climb on the rocks because I kept sliding due to the algae growing. In the end, it is not something you need. There was deep areas, as well as there were shallow areas perfect for children (Please do keep in mind, that this a natural spring and water levels can fluctuate.)


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