25 Money Affirmations

Money Affirmations are an easy way to help yourself stay positive throughout the day, and they can motivate you to do what you need to do. They’re used for all sorts of things, like setting goals or overcoming obstacles–but today we’re focusing on one thing: money! I have put together 25 affirmations that will help manifest your financial dreams no matter how small or big they may be!

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is something you say to yourself that helps keep your mind and spirit pointed in the right direction, guiding you towards where you want to be. They can help you set goals for yourself, overcome obstacles, overcome negative emotions, and even help cleanse your aura!

What makes money affirmations work?

Our subconscious minds are more likely to believe the things we tell ourselves than the things other people tell us, so affirmations can help your subconscious mind start to believe in what you’re saying more and more. They’ll start to believe it is already true, even if you haven’t reached that point yet.

How do I use them?

You can say them out loud or write them down on paper, but either way, the most important part is that you believe in them. If you don’t believe in something your subconscious won’t be able to make it true, so make sure you say them with conviction!

25 Money Affirmations

1.) I am grateful for all of my financial blessings.

2.) My income is constantly increasing and I know it will continue to grow.

3.) I attract abundant opportunities and abundance flows easily into my life right now!

4.) I am the creator of my own destiny and I create wealth with every breath I take.

5.) Life loves me and so does money, therefore all bills are paid in full, always!

6.) Money is a good friend, providing whatever I need and more.

7.) Money loves me and so do money opportunities.

8.) I am a magnet for financial success because my mind is aligned with positive thoughts of wealth.

9.) As I think about money, it finds its way to me effortlessly.

10.) Money comes from unexpected sources as often as possible, especially today!

11.) My current financial situation is the best it has ever been and I am grateful for that.

12.) The more grateful I am for what I have, the more good things come into my life.

13.) Every month my income continues to increase towards something bigger and better.

14.) Money loves to flow to me in strange and unexpected ways!

15.) I am grateful for all of the money that comes into my life.

16.) My income is constantly increasing, even if I can’t see it yet.

17.) The more positive thoughts I have about money, the easier it comes to me.

18.) Money works hard for me, so I will work hard for money.

19.) My financial future is always getting better and better every day!

20.) I am able to manifest anything that I desire.

21.) Money is attracted to me like a magnet because I am worthy of wealth.

22.) With each passing year my income becomes more abundant.

23.) I deserve to make a lot of money and be wealthy.

24.) My positive thoughts surround me in a cloak of financial security.

25.) Today, right now, my financial situation gets better and better every day!

In the end…

There are so many affirmations out there, it can be hard to know which one is best. The 25 money affirmations in this article have been put together with the hope that they will help you manifest your financial goals and live a more abundant life. Take some time today to go through these statements aloud or reflect on them silently for five minutes each day over the next week. When you’ve finished, review how your thoughts about finances have changed during this seven-day period. Which affirmation do you think had the most positive impact?

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