11 Tips for a Successful Interview

Does landing an interview make you nervous? These 11 tips are a sure fire way to help you go into the interview and kick a**!

Tip #1: Wear Conservative Makeup

Ladies, please remember you are not going out with the girls or going out on date night with your husband.  Do your makeup with a neutral pallet; it will look best. After you get the job you can wear whatever makeup palette you want, unless it is against their company policy.

Tip #2: Wear Conservative and Professional Clothing

I cannot stress enough to dress conservative and professional. Again, ladies, you are not out at the club or on a date with your husband. There are stores like Burlington and Ross that sell cheap professional clothing. Also, another important thing to remember is a lint roller. The people conducting the interview will be looking at every aspect of your body from the clothes being ironed with no lint to your fingernails.

Tip #3: Bring 3-4 Copies of Your Resume

Then you will want to print out 3-4 copies of your resume.  Make sure to put them in a nice folder of any kind. It looks very unprofessional to show up with no resume or show up with your resumes all wrinkled and folded from being stuck in your purse.  

Tip #4: Research the Company

Also, most of the time the company you are interviewing is going to ask what you know about them and the position you applied for. Type the company’s name into google and look at their website. Make sure to look at the reviews of the company as well. Make sure it is even a company you want to work for. Now, of course, some people are never happy with anything, but for the most part, you can tell whether or not it is a good company to work for.

Tip #5: Google Interview Questions

Before you go to the interview, google some interview questions and practice answering them.  Most interviewers ask roughly the same questions or something similar. Being able to answer questions without hesitating shows you are confident.

Tip #6: Have Questions Ready?

At the end of every interview, they are going to ask if you have any questions.  Make sure to come up with a couple of questions in case they answer the ones you had planned. For example, is their room for advancement within the company is one of my favorite questions to ask.    

Tip #7: Arrive Early

DO NOT BE LATE!! The last thing you want to do is be late for an interview.  Try to arrive 30 minutes early of your scheduled interview time. Do not walk through the door of the company until 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview. Use the extra time you have in the car to research the company one more time, go over your questions, and check your appearance.

Tip #8: Silence Cell Phone

This is by far the number one thing to remember.  There is nothing that looks more unprofessional than your phone going off during an interview.  Do not just put it on vibrate, make sure the vibrate setting is completely turned off as well.  You don’t want to get distracted by the vibrating and neither does the person interviewing you.

Tip #9: Firm Handshake and Maintain Eye Contact

Then when you meet the person giving you the interview, stand up straight, look them in the eyes, and firmly shake their hand.  It shows confidence. People say that a simple handshake can tell you a lot about the person.

Tip #10: Take a Seat, When Asked

After entering the room for the interview, wait for the interviewer to ask you to be seated. It is rude to take a seat without being asked.

Tip #11: Show Confidence, not Cockiness

Above all, during the interview, make sure to sit tall and do not slouch.  Try your best not to fidget with your fingers or your hair. It is important to realize, that when you are speaking make sure to look directly at the person conducting the interview.  

I follow these tips every time I have an interview. Have any more questions or would like some more tips?  Contact me directly, I would love to help you out!

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